Become a virtual & hybrid event leader by becoming VEIP Certified

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Gain an industry recognized certification

Whether leading a team, running your own business, or managing digital events, VEIP Certification provides you with the complete virtual and hybrid event skillset.


Discover how to maximize revenue, increase audiences and execute masterful digital event experiences. Learn anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

Keys Skills Learned

  • How to execute successful virtual & hybrid events

  • How to increase attendees and engagement

  • How to monetize effectively & maximize revenue

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VEI Event Leadership certification modules

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You choose when and where you learn

The VEI Skills Training Programme is on-demand and accessible anywhere in the world to fit around your working day. Whether you chose to do an hour a day or complete the pathway in one sitting, you have the freedom to define your learning.

Over 2,000 global events professionals have chosen the VEI Skills Program

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Marvin Pinto, Project Manager, 1st Arabia Tradeshows & Conferences

It was great to learn more about the digital elements and about the different tools required for measuring the overall success of the marketing campaign. The examples are valuable and industry-related so this allows for a quicker grasp of concepts.


Heather Cook, Special Events Project Manager, WWF

Clear, informative, and easy to understand. Really easy to learn tangible ways to positively impact future marketing of virtual events.