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Over 2,000 global events professionals have chosen the VEI Skills Program


Hannah Mills, Event Manager
Informa Markets

I would recommend the course because it's engaging and has market leaders teaching you skills and knowledge from their experience. The exercises also allow you to use the information gained in the module and tailor it to your event.

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John Baldwin, Event Director
Connect Partnership Group

Let me start by saying I loved this course. An amazing group of subject matter experts discussed topics that were relevant in today's event world. I've taken a lot of courses in the past that seemed to be out-of-date and with old theories on how events should be run. Not this one. Great speakers, great content, and a great program.


Liz Anderson, Senior Event Manager, Xero

The content does not push one technology above another.  Recommendations and learning are based on real-world experience.  It offers useful ways to assess your requirement based on your specific event needs. It promotes the importance of understanding your data and how this impacts the event experience.