Our training program will provide you with the key skills and knowledge to excel at producing, delivering, selling, marketing, and running virtual and hybrid events.

Training Modules

Attracting Your Audience

How to Increase 

Audience Engagement

How to Monetize Your Virtual Event

How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Virtual Event

How to Execute Your Virtual Event on the Day


An Introduction to Hybrid Events

Virtual Event “Capstone” Contribution to the VEI Community

Candidates who have completed all modules will be able to display the official Virtual Events Institute Certification badge. Our badge is recognised as a commitment to excellence and inspires confidence in your partners and attendees.

Pricing & Packages

The full certification package will include full access to all of the 10 modules and unlimited access for 12 months.  Each module will be approximately 1 hour of content, with an exam at the end of each module.  

As the certification course is an on-demand style package, you will be able to learn at a time of your convenience, at your own pace and you will be able to revisit the modules at any point to access key information for your day to day role. 

Group Bookings

For group bookings of 3 of more, you are eligible for a discount, please contact us for more info


Top Ten Takeaways 

  1. Fully understand the entire process. Each module delivers an in-depth dive into key topics to guide you through the whole process of creating and running successful virtual events.

  2. Build your knowledge, step-by-step, in virtual events which will give you the tools and the confidence to deliver great events.

  3. Collect a resource library of practical tools such as templates and checklists, from the self-paced exercises and downloads.

  4. Make sense of the complicated tech market and really understand how to select and use the right tech for your events.

  5. No-one wants to have issues on the day. Take the methods and techniques from the course to plan your own events to the tiniest detail, then deliver great events with confidence.

  6. If your events have always made money, there is no need for this to change. Learn how virtual events experts develop pricing and charging models and have created brand new revenue streams for you to implement in your market.

  7. Follow our detailed module on community building in a virtual environment to get close to your market and learn exactly what they need and want.

  8. Once you have mastered the practicalities of delivering virtual events, gain insights and detailed know-how on how best to deliver hybrid events, the likely future for all events.

  9. Publish your Course Capstone in our resource library and become a Subject Matter Expert on your area of virtual events

  10. With the warm knowledge that you now have the skills and experience to live up to it, receive full Virtual Events Professional certification and the right to display the VEI badge on your CV and LinkedIn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take the VEI Certification training course?

The virtual events industry is forecast at 404 Billion USD by 2027, at a CAGR of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027. As this industry evolves, that equates to a total of 100,000 new event professionals who will need to be reskilled for this virtual and hybrid events market. It is key now, more than ever before, to increase and develop your skillset within events to ensure you are fully trained to develop the new normal in events and to keep a competitive edge. The VEI Certification program is already achieving an NPS score of 69 and with delegates stating how much they are learning from each module. Each of our VEI modules provides an overview of the key parts of marketing, selling, delivering, and following up on a virtual event. So, equipping you and your team with the perfect skill set to deliver to and above your customer's expectations.

Who is the VEI Certification course aimed at?

Our VEI Certification Training Program is aimed at anyone who organizes, plans, owns or is involved with any type of virtual event. So for event planners, event organizers, meeting planners, corporate event planners, B2B and B2C and includes sales, marketing content and operations professionals, globally.

If you or your team are involved in working in marketing, selling, producing and delivering events then this program is for you.

How do I attend the VEI Certification course?

The training program is in the style of on-demand learning. so that you can stop and start and learn at a time of your convenience. It is set-up on an e-learning platform and you will receive login details from the VEI team once you register and you can start learning straight away the same day that you register. There are self-paced exercises where you reflect on each section within each module, so that you can apply your learning to real-life scenarios, allowing you to use the learning immediately in a relevant context. Additionally you will get the chance to meet your experts on a live session and ask them questions about the modules. Each Subject Matter Expert is an expert in their fields, so you will benefit from learning from them in both an on-demand set-up and meeting them

How long does each module take to complete?

Each module, including the exam, should take you between 60-90 minutes to complete.

Can I revisit the modules once I have completed them?

Yes, you can go back in for 12 months to revisit any of the course material. Plus, once you complete your course you will receive an e-booklet which will include all of the downloadable support material, to ensure continuous learning.

What key things will I learn from attending the VEI Certification Course?

Click here to download our detailed training brochure. From attending this course, you will learn how to market, sell, monetize, run, deliver, and follow-up virtual events. Here are the top 10 takeaways you will have from the course.

Do you have payment plans?

We want to be as flexible as possible when it comes to payment, as we understand that the events industry is volatile right now. Please contact a member of the VEI team to discuss payment options, bespoke needs and group booking discounts at info@virtualeventsinstitute.com

Career Open Evenings

We plan to announce career open evenings from December onwards. These will be open to all attendees, please enquire for more information on this info@virtualeventsinstitute.com.

What Our Trainees Say


It was very clear, concise and allowed me to complete it at my own time. The pausing and completing exercises helped to put what I was learning into practice right away and walk away with tools that I can use in my current position.

Web Hero Image.png

The instruction on selecting tech was superb. The part about monetizing and pricing was incredibly important as well. I loved Eric's module too.

Website Background 3.png

The first section was great to receive new ideas on format and best practice. Having a framework to engineer audience experience (through use of the AIDA model) is a valuable part of the virtual event planning toolkit


I'm truly enjoying the experience and learning process. The downloadable materials are great, I hope to use these as I work on virtual/hybrid events.


The content does not push one technology above another. The recommendations and learning are based on real world experience. This module offers useful ways to assess your requirement based on your specific event needs. It promotes the importance of understanding your data and how this impact on the event experience

Website Background 3.png

I really enjoyed the sponsorship lesson, as it gave me a deeper understanding of selling sponsorship for virtual events.

Confirmed Subject Matter Experts

Ewa Campbell
Chief Marketing Officer
Laura Davidson
Tag Digital
Sasha Frieze
Founder & Managing Director
The Business Narrative
Vanessa Lovatt
Chief Evangelist
Nick Paul
The Virtual Event Company
Neil Shorney
Chief Possibility Officer
Andrew Carney
Dawn Dennis
Founder & Event Director
Continuity Consulting Limited
Michaela Jeffery-Morrison
Chief Executive Officer
Ascend Global Media
Ricardo Molina
Co-founder & Director
BrightBull Marketing
Stephanie Selesnick
International Trade Information
Peter Wardell
Professional Speaker & Performer
Gabriella Cyranski
Marketing Strategist
Intrado – Digital Media
Clare Forestier
Event Host, Media & Presentation Skills Coach
Eric Louw
Managing Partner
The Social Effect
Miguel Neves
Chief Social Strategist
Stephan Murtagh
Managing Director
The Exhibition Guy

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