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The Virtual Events Institute (VEI)  is a global platform to bring the virtual and hybrid events community together to share peer best practices in the midst of hyper innovation.

The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the events industries’ adoption of virtual. Virtual events and experiences now play a crucial role in global marketing and event strategies, complementing live experiences and creating opportunities to get closer to customers, gain real-time market insight and widen global reach. Virtual Events are currently at the heart of community building. The need to understand and master the art of creating engaging virtual events is now key for business success as we look towards a certain hybrid future. 

The Virtual Events Institute provides a platform to discuss key topics around virtual and hybrid events through high-level summits, market insights, community networking, certification training and awards.

The Virtual Events Institute features a 10-module certification training course, delivered by market-leading subject matter experts, focusing on the key skills and knowledge needed to excel at planning and executing exceptional virtual events.  

The certification course includes sections on how to attract and engage your audience; how to monetize and create new revenue streams; how to create compelling content and maintain audience attention; how to choose the right platform and technology; how to deliver a successful virtual event on the day.

The Virtual Events Institute Advisory Board is comprised of senior global market leaders to ensure that the Institute will continually meet the needs of the market.  These leaders come from the worlds of trade shows, corporate events, HR, investment, sports and media. A full list of advisors can be found on the Virtual Events Institute website.

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