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Upcoming Events

Our high-level summits, packed full of market-leading speakers, discuss the latest trends and technologies impacting the market.  Topics range from: how to maintain audience attention and engagement; how to create compelling content; how to encourage diversity; talent and the new roles within events; how to choose the right platform; new technologies; how to price your virtual event; how is value perceived and measured at a virtual event and much more.


Each summit attracts hundreds of leading industry professionals, so it will create a great way to engage with your global community, whilst gaining market insight.

Other topics for 2021 include Cyber Security, Start-ups and Pitches, Data and Measurement, Virtual & Hybrid Event Registration, How to Increase Audience Engagement and Interaction, The Role of Venues in Hybrid Events and much more.

Monetizing your online community

14 January 4pm GMT 11am EST

Online communities increase customer touchpoints, interaction with your brand and 365 revenue opportunities.  The summit will explore how to create an online community that people will pay for with a deep dive into current thinking around subscription business models and how these can work for events.

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Event Monetization Success

11 February 4pm GMT 11am EST

Throughout 2021 new monetization strategies will continue to emerge.  The winners will be companies who embrace these new monetization opportunities and broaden their offerings.  Industry leaders will discuss a whole raft of new revenue initiatives including value-based pricing, data analytics, subscription models, content monetization and more.

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On-Demand Summits

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Who Attends?

  • Exhibition Organizers

  • Conference and Convention Organizers

  • Media

  • Brands

  • Sporting Event Organizers

  • Music Event Organizers

  • Not-For-Profit Associations

  • Academic Organisations

  • Charities

  • Technology Providers

  • Venues

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