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VEI Skills Program

As virtual and hybrid events continue to offer new avenues to expand global reach, develop new revenue streams, grow online communities, and provide increased analytics, it is crucial that event professionals have the skills to capitalize on these new opportunities.


The VEI certification training courses will enable event professionals to produce and deliver exceptional digital event experiences.


Our members have access to courses that are on-demand, providing a learning experience tailored to your needs and at your own pace. With 17 leading global subject matter experts leading the training, you will benefit from a diverse range of specialist knowledge across all aspects of virtual and hybrid events.

Modular learning

Full VEIP Certification course

PLATINUM members will have full access to all of the 11 modules, downloadable self-paced exercises, resources, and an exam at the end of each module. You can retake the exams as many times as you like.  

The full certification course is totally on-demand with optional live masterclass sessions with the Subject Matter Experts coming soon, for PLATINUM members only. You can learn at a time of your convenience, at your own pace and you will be able to revisit the modules at any point during your course to access key information for your day-to-day role. 

Once you have completed the course you will be sent full VEIP certification, badge and will be able to use the industry-recognized designation - VEIP (VEI Professional).

The course has closed-captioning available in Chinese (Simplified), English (US), French, Portuguese and Spanish, please let us know if you'd like to take the course in another language.

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Hannah Mills, Event Manager
Informa Markets

I would recommend the course because it's engaging and has market leaders teaching you skills and knowledge from their experience. The exercises also allow you to use the information gained in the module and tailor it to your event.

John Baldwin.jpeg

John Baldwin, Event Director
Connect Partnership Group

Let me start by saying I loved this course. An amazing group of subject matter experts discussed topics that were relevant in today's event world. I've taken a lot of courses in the past that seemed to be out-of-date and with old theories on how events should be run. Not this one. Great speakers, great content, and a great program.


Liz Anderson, Senior Event Manager, Xero

The content does not push one technology above another.  Recommendations and learning are based on real-world experience.  It offers useful ways to assess your requirement based on your specific event needs. It promotes the importance of understanding your data and how this impacts the event experience.

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Candidates who have completed all 11 modules will be able to display the official Virtual Events Institute Certification badge. Our badge is recognized as a commitment to excellence and inspires confidence in your partners and attendees.

Current members

VEI Students Include

Our global leading Subject Matter Experts

By joining the VEI program, you will benefit from the knowledge of 17+ global leading subject matter experts, from across many event models and sectors.  All are specialists in their specific areas of virtual and hybrid events, which means that you have access to THE most relevant information for each module

Educational partners

We work with the following partners as training providers for their members. If you are a member of the following organizations, you can benefit from discounted rates for the VEI Training Programme. Contact us for further details.

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Why choose the VEI Skills program?

Increase your revenue, grow your global reach, increase your customer retention, gain new data, improve customer analytics, gain a competitive edge, build your community and position your event brand at the heart of your market. 


  • 17 Leading Subject Matter Experts - rather than broad “catch-all” training, you will receive specific expert knowledge across each aspect of virtual and hybrid events

  • Flexible On-demand learning - learn at your own pace with 24 hours a day access, 7 days a week

  • Post-completion learning program - access materials and refresh your knowledge for continued learning even after you finish

  • Exclusive access to the VEI training platform discussion board - access to peer-to-peer learning and sharing of best practice

  • Industry recognized qualification - showcase and provide credibility for your knowledge and skills with peers, customers, and employers

  • Overwhelming industry approval - with a Net Promoter Score +85, you will be joining a world-leading, industry-endorsed program approved by event industry leaders

  • The VEIP certification is accredited by CPD - The Virtual Events Institute is an accredited CPD provider.

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Top Ten Takeaways 

  1. Fully understand the entire process. Each module delivers an in-depth dive into key topics to guide you through the whole process of creating and running successful virtual events.

  2. Build your knowledge, step-by-step, in virtual events which will give you the tools and the confidence to deliver great events.

  3. Collect a resource library of practical tools such as templates and checklists, from the self-paced exercises and downloads.

  4. Make sense of the complicated tech market and really understand how to select and use the right tech for your events.

  5. No-one wants to have issues on the day. Take the methods and techniques from the course to plan your own events to the tiniest detail, then deliver great events with confidence.

  6. If your events have always made money, there is no need for this to change. Learn how virtual events experts develop pricing and charging models and have created brand new revenue streams for you to implement in your market.

  7. Follow our detailed module on community building in a virtual environment to get close to your market and learn exactly what they need and want.

  8. Once you have mastered the practicalities of delivering virtual events, gain insights and detailed know-how on how best to deliver hybrid events, the likely future for all events.

  9. With the warm knowledge that you now have the skills and experience to live up to it, receive full Virtual Events Professional certification and the right to display the VEI badge on your CV and LinkedIn.

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