VEI Certification
Training Program


VEI have been appointed as an official UFI Education Partner to provide education and training on digital and hybrid events to help upskill UFI members as part of the UFI Certified Professional Program. By obtaining the VEI certification professionals automatically obtain 16hr credits for their global UCP journey.


UFI is synonymous with quality in the exhibition industry, and the UCP program is a response to many of their members asking for such a certification of their UFI education. A professional designator associated with UFI is a symbol of quality, expertise and innovation, and it signals to employers and others within the industry that the holder works to a high standard and expects the same of others.

VEI Certification Training Program

As virtual and hybrid events continue to offer new avenues to expand global reach, develop new revenue streams, grow online communities, and provide increased analytics, it is crucial that event professionals have the skills to capitalize on these new opportunities.


The VEI certification training program will enable event professionals to produce and deliver exceptional digital event experiences.


The training is on-demand providing a learning experience tailored to your needs, at your own pace, and with 17 leading global subject matter experts you will benefit from a diverse range of specialist knowledge across all aspects of virtual and hybrid events.

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Introduction to Virtual Events

What is a virtual event? Understand the  components of online events and the key differences between virtual and physical

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Virtual content requires a different approach. Understand the elements behind compelling content.

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Executing Your Virtual Event on the Day

Build your knowledge, step-by-step, in virtual events which will give you the tools and the confidence to deliver great events.

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An Introduction to Hybrid Events

Gain insights and detailed know-how on how best to deliver hybrid events, the likely future for all events.



Attracting Your Audience

Discover the key differences, and critical success factors behind generating great audiences.

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Monetize Your Virtual Event

Learn how virtual events experts develop pricing and charging models and have created brand new revenue streams for you to implement in your market.

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Virtual events are opening up a new world of event metrics - find out what you should be measuring and how to use it for growth.

Sales Module


Mastering sales skills for virtual events

Discover the key skills in selling virtual and hybrid events, and excel at driving revenue.



Increasing Audience Engagement

Keeping your audience engaged is essential. Learn how to drive meaningful engagement, and provide unmissable experiences

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Choosing the Right Technology

Make sense of the complicated tech market and really understand how to select and use the right tech for your events.

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Follow our detailed module on community building in a virtual environment to get close to your market and learn exactly what they need and want.

UFI Member Pricing

The full certification package will include full access to all of the 11 modules.  Each module will be approximately 1-2 hours of content, with an exam at the end.

As the certification course is an on-demand style package, you will be able to learn at a time of your convenience, at your own pace and you will be able to revisit the modules at any point to access key information for your day to day role. 


To obtain the UCP designation you need to successfully complete one of the UFI foundation course and 16 hrs of modular training, like the one offered by VEI. By obtaining the VEI certification professionals automatically obtain 16hr credits for their global UCP journey.