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The future of events is communities connected through a blend of ongoing physical and digital experiences

Events will be a blend of digital and physical experiences with community at the core.


As the global digitization of events continues, one thing is clear, digital creates more opportunities for events.  


VEI is working with the events industry to support this digital transformation. VEI provides a global community to bring the industry together to upskill and share best practices and drive innovation.  With education and knowledge as the core offering, the VEI is advancing the next generation of event professionals.

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Skills for the global event community

The VEI community brings together event professionals from across the globe to learn, network, and upskill. Our skills program has been specifically designed to be cross-sector and has attracted nearly 2,000 students from corporate events, brands, exhibitions, academia, conferences, venues, and tech.

Find out more about how VEI’s upskilling program can provide you with the tools to expertly execute, grow and monetize your digital event offering.