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Virtual Events Institute launches the Virtual Event Marketplace

The Virtual Events Institute has launched a new platform to connect event organizers with suppliers of virtual and hybrid solutions. The platform, the first of its kind, will see event organizers posting their latest projects and tenders get matched with the correct vendor for their needs.

Research carried out by the VEI in focus groups highlighted the need to save time in a world that moves as quickly as virtual and hybrid events. Often, a large amount of time was dedicated to researching and sending requests to companies, only to find that they were unable to meet the client's needs. The Virtual & Hybrid Event Marketplace reduces unnecessary research time and matches organizers with suppliers able to meet their exacting requirements.

Sophie Ahmed, CEO of the Virtual Events Institute, said, “Time has always been scarce for organizers, and with many producing multiple virtual events each month now, it is compounded. The Virtual & Hybrid Event Marketplace will save organizers valuable time, and help them deliver better events. It is also a huge opportunity for tech and service providers to reach a global audience and generate new business”

The platform is free to use for organizers and features a subscription-based model for vendors. New suppliers signing up will receive three months free. It is built using the technology behind the Your Stand Builder platform, a thriving marketplace for stand builders to meet with customers, which has helped exhibitors plan projects worth over USD $3.6 million across 28 countries since launching in 2019.


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