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How SLS Event Technology Entered the Metaverse Scene

Using Storytelling for Educational Experiences in the Metaverse

People learn more if their discovery takes place within an engaging story. The metaverse offers tremendous opportunities for event planners, agencies, and associations to create gatherings that train and entertain people.

MootUp brings about a new era in events with its metaverse for business platform. Besides being a fully accessible browser-based, no-code platform, MootUp offers out-of-the-box 3D environments, optimized for the metaverse, that can be customized and branded.

Another feature that makes it special is its integration of AI chatbots – or computer avatars that speak by themselves. These guides make use of the full power of storytelling principles and tie events together with informative speeches and engaging interactive stories.

But before we talk some more about storytelling in the metaverse, let’s hear about SLS, a company that has had direct experience collaborating with MootUp.

About SLS

Founded in 1984 SLS is a family-owned event technology company, now in its second generation. It offers a wide range of events options including live concerts, trade fairs, seminars, workshops, roadshows, conferences, and galas. Their clients come from a variety of sectors such as IT, automotive, financial services, and local community groups.

Since 2015 the firm has been led by Benjamin Röll. Röll has a master’s degree in event technology and a background working as a project manager on big-name events, including gatherings for the BMW Group.


SLS is an early adopter of Metaverse solutions starting with their pivot to virtual events at the beginning of the pandemic. When they first found MootUp, the SLS team was looking for a solution that:

  • Could accommodate large audiences

  • Had customizable 3D environments

  • Supported broadcasts to large audiences

  • Stimulate learning during a 2 to a 3-day event

  • Included storytelling features and tools

What type of experience did SLS want to create?

Before they came across MootUp, SLS had been searching for some time for a digital event platform that was metaverse ready. They wanted to host training sessions for customers that were more engaging than the typical Teams or Zoom get-togethers. It was vital that over a 2–3-day event participants were as engaged and ready to learn as possible.

Solutions. What MootUp Features Made the Event a Success!

After searching for an appropriate solution for virtual events for some time, the company found MootUp at a partner’s recommendation and immediately got in touch. A free trial was organized, that proved the platform to be an ideal fit and SLS decided to go ahead and partner with MootUp for their first event.


One of the reasons events in the metaverse are fantastic is because they allow you to reach large audiences. This is where scaling and flexibility are key. And MootUp’s browser-based platform is on point, allowing access on any device to thousands of attendees.

Branding and Customization options

The SLS team created a virtual world for the event, made up of multiple virtual spaces, which they then customized and branded to meet client requirements.

The list of spaces includes a lobby, auditoriums that hosted event sessions, and breakout rooms. All containing relevant information such as the event agenda, how-to useful tips, and multiple screens that allowed simultaneous broadcasting to multiple audiences at the same time.

The platform also includes audience moderation tools that are extremely helpful especially when dealing with large audiences.

Storytelling Tools

SLS needed to maintain the attention of attendees during a multi-day gathering and as professional event planners, they have a very good idea of what works best and is key to have at an event, especially virtual events on the Metaverse. One of these things is Storytelling.

MootUp’s use of AI chatbots to leverage storytelling was particularly effective. These computer-enabled guides informed and inspired event participants with stimulating narratives that gave the gathering drive and purpose.

MootUp uses Chatmapper, a piece of software that uses digital storytelling techniques for events and games for the metaverse. Weaving effective narratives into an event can make it easier for firms like SLS to maintain attendee attention and impart knowledge.

Chatmapper offers variety to virtual events by creating either linear conversations directly on the platform or branching dialogue scenarios that put the user in the center of the experience, allowing them to choose their own path and story.

Other features that made choosing MootUp easy were in Benjamin’s words

“The 3D environment with the possibility to broadcast to a large number of people and simultaneously keeping them engaged with the content. The customizable characters were also a big deal.”

The 3D environments are able to support a virtually unlimited number of participants with presenters, hosts, chat, and audio being broadcasted to everyone at once.

Attendees can explore these 3D environments freely and interact with each other and content just as they would in reality. This helps increase engagement and attendee retention.

Virtual worlds can be created and connected to each other for events so attendees can be directed to these spaces according to what they are interested in.

Was the SLS event with MootUp a success?

With a track record of almost 40 years of experience in the industry, SLS knows the difference between an effective and ineffective events partner. The SLS team was delighted with MootUp. They made a point of recommending the free trial which they said was “super easy to get…going”. In terms of the quality of the working relationship with MootUp at an event, SLS was equally enthusiastic, saying that “customer service and support were on point.”

When SLS asked their clients what they liked about MootUp three key themes emerged:

“the high standard of the new immersive virtual experience, the easy gameplay, and the relaxed environment surrounding the events company.

“Thank you very much for your cool platform and the good cooperation.”- Benjamin Röll

Step ahead with MootUp

SLS is just one of many firms that have chosen MootUp. Indeed, the virtual and hybrid events company for the metaverse collaborates with a large number of established businesses including TEDx, United Nations, Novartis, and Dell.

Led by CEO Danny Stefanic, an industry thought leader who has been at the forefront of the internet since the nineties, the firm enables the creation of profound and engaging online experiences, helping people learn and connect.

There’s no question about it, the metaverse is taking off, and the firms that adopt the technology earliest will gain a first-mover advantage. Get ahead of your competitors and book a demo with MootUp here


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