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How to create successful awards campaigns

Awards entrepreneur and founder of awards agency Iconify, Simon Burton, will be speaking at the upcoming Community Leaders Institute Expo in Memphis about "Creating Awards Campaigns for Communities"

Awards are the most media friendly, cost-effective, shareable and scalable community drivers around. They celebrate, create brilliant content and have story-telling hard-wired. Best of all there's a model and format for every type of community.

Awards are media friendly, cost-effective, shareable and scalable community drivers.

But awards are not one-size fits all. There are a host of models and approaches that allow you to unlock the best in your community and there are physical, digital and hybrid campaign variations along with revenue models to suit all types of professional community.

Burton said, “Awards are the cornerstone of your professional community. The reward excellence bring people and organisations together. And they are the ultimate in adaptable.”

Simon Burton is a serial awards creator and co-founder of Football Business Awards, Sports Business, World Sports Photography Awards, Great British Entrepreneur Awards and Charity Film Awards.

In this lively, fun and interactive seminar, Simon will explain the different approaches and how to launch your awards campaign launched or take an existing campaign to the next level.


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