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Virtual Events Institute and Explori Announce Partnership

The Virtual Events Institute and Explori, the international events research consultancy, have announced a partnership. The partnership will see them collaborate to define new measurement benchmarks for virtual and hybrid events and promote the benefits of standardized industry metrics.

As Virtual and Hybrid events continue to present enormous opportunities for event organizers, it has also brought to the forefront the need to re-evaluate how impact is being measured compared to physical events. Traditional metrics that have served physical events well are now only telling part of the story. As such, new measurement criteria for virtual and hybrid must be adopted.

Standardized metrics also offer the opportunity for event professionals to benchmark against their industry peers. This benchmarking will help drive virtual, and hybrid event excellence and ensure organizers deliver more meaningful and profitable experiences for their communities.

Speaking of the Partnership, Sophie Ahmed, CEO of VEI said “Virtual events have opened the door to data analysis on a scale never seen before. The incredible insight and analytics now available will really benefit event organizers, but often they are left with questions about key areas to measure, and how they compare to their peers. This collaboration will help define a universal approach and leave event organizers better placed to grow their events”

"The VEI is an important initiative in driving virtual event knowledge and capability. We are delighted to be partnering with them so that Explori's virtual event insights and benchmarks can contribute to the development of events professionals." Said Mark Brewster, CEO at Explori.


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