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Virtual Events Institute and Event Marketer Association Announce Partnership

The Virtual Events Institute and the Event Marketing Association (EMA), the UK association exclusively for in-house event professionals, have announced a strategic partnership. The partnership will see the organisations sharing knowledge and best practices about virtual and hybrid events for organisations including case studies, event speaking opportunities and workshops.

EMA was founded in 2013 as a not-for-profit, overseen by a committee of members and has grown to a community of over 1400 members across the UK, with monthly events and educational workshops. The Association has a seat on the BVEP (Business Visits & Events Partnership. The Virtual Events Institute was established in June of this year to assist event professional and marketers with their needs to virtual and hybrid events knowledge and training.

Speaking of the partnership, EMA Chair, Richard Waddington said, “In this rapidly moving landscape our members are hungry for information, insights and training into all aspects of virtual and hybrid events. This partnership is a key component in helping them to have access to the resources they need at this important time for the whole events industry.”

Virtual Events Institute CEO Sophie Ahmed, commented, “Corporate event professionals are an important part of the event landscape and the Virtual Events Institute is focussed on providing the skills and expertise necessary to help them deliver effective virtual and hybrid events. Our online learning tools and certification will help in-house event professionals take full advantage of the opportunities of virtual events and we are proud and excited to be working with the EMA and their members.”


For more information contact Peter Orford,


Richard Waddington at

Virtual Events Institute

The Virtual Events Institute is a global platform to bring the community together to inspire, discuss and learn how to produce exceptional virtual and hybrid events. Through summits, training and market insight the Virtual Events Institute will help create the next generation of event professionals.

Event Marketing Association

The Event Marketing Association is the only UK Association exclusively for in-house event professionals (planners & marketers).

The association was founded in 2013 as a not-for-profit, overseen by a committee of members and chaired by Richard Waddington, an event professional with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

The EMA has an online community, organises monthly events, educational workshops, and represents the corporate planner through its seat on the BVEP, as well as to industry media.


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