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VEI deploys CLIPr improving accessibility and engagement of on-demand events

VEI’s library of training courses and events will be made searchable with CLIPr.

CLIPr helps to maximize the value of video content from events

CLIPr, a Video Analysis and Management (VAM) platform using AI and machine learning to index video content and make it searchable, has announced that VEI (the Virtual Events Institute), the global leader in virtual events education and training, is leveraging CLIPr’s platform to index its on-demand events and training courses that service the global events industry.

CLIPr’s platform allows VEI members to view the topics and subtopics most relevant to them from on-demand video content so they can search and interact with ease and efficiency. Recorded videos are processed by CLIPr’s machine learning algorithms, which analyze audio and visual cues using natural language processing and emotion detection.

VEI was set up in July 2020 to provide training and education for event professionals and marketers on hybrid events. Since its launch, more than 1,800 event professionals have registered for the VEI Certification Program. The online training program comprises on-demand modules, providing a step-by-step guide for all event disciplines, across sales, marketing, content, and operations.

Sophie Ahmed of VEI

“As the global leader in virtual events education and training, it is important that we lead the charge in advancing the industry,” said Sophie Ahmed, co-founder and CEO of VEI. “Technologies such as CLIPr are a huge part of the future of events, helping recorded video content have a unique value proposition as a complement to live panels and sessions. We are excited to bring our members this level of searchability and engagement to our own on-demand events.”

Event organizers can use CLIPr to extend viewership and long-tail value of live event content by making it easier for attendees to consume and recall the most important moments of each session, whether that’s selecting individual topics or creating a customized video recap of multiple topics. Viewers can search by transcription or react to moments through emojis or comments, which creates a more simplistic and dynamic way to experience on-demand video.

“We are thrilled to be working with VEI to not only help them more easily share world-class training and knowledge to members, but also bring true innovation to the industry,” said Humphrey Chen, co-founder and CEO of CLIPr. “On-demand video has long been an underutilized asset for event organizers, and CLIPr helps maximize the value of this content and the benefits that come from a hybrid events industry.”


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