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VEI Alumni Stories: An agency perspective

Dionne Holder, previously managing director of Freeman in China, recently completed VEI’s certification program on virtual and hybrid events. Dionne reveals her top tips on digital delivery and how the course has helped her.

Dionne Holder

What attracted you to the VEI course?

Working in China, we did not have many virtual events. I will be relocating to the US market soon in a client-facing role, so I thought it would be useful to have knowledge of virtual and hybrid events. The US market is starting to pick up but, even as in-person events return, a digital component will be necessary going forward. I was able to take the course during a second lockdown in Barbados, which is where I am based at present.

What did you think of the VEI training program?

The course is interesting and full of useful information. Each module came with downloadable PDFs of tips and advice, which have been really handy to keep. I thought it was interesting that some of the information could be applied to live events as well, such as the advice on understanding the attendee journey.

The modules really understood the common concerns that clients have about virtual events and how to overcome these challenges.

What are your top tips and takeaways from the course?

The messaging at events is still very important no matter what medium your audience is using. Be considerate of your audience with the length of the content presented. Also, use out-of-the-box methods to entertain your audiences that will enhance the connection even though they are online.


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