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Tag Digital and VEI partner to launch benchmarking report on virtual events

Tag Digital and VEI have teamed up to create ‘The Virtual Event Marketing Benchmark Report 2021’.

The report will provide high-level information for organizers at the forefront of digital events globally.

The data collected as part of the report will be used for benchmarking and determining ‘what’s good’ in various sectors, countries, and for various objectives.

The main points covered in the report are global virtual event trends, CPA across virtual event objectives, and CPA by sector for virtual events.

Tag Digital will also work with VEI on future training modules and content.

Tag Digital supports event organizers to reach their goals across events, content, and other digital products using search, programmatic and social advertising.

Laura Davidson, Director at Tag Digital, said: “We are excited to share this report. VEI has been a force to be reckoned with since its launch in 2020. We are delighted to be partnering with VEI to share data, benchmarking and content focused on the world of virtual events.

"Tag Digital built and delivered thousands of virtual event campaigns using paid media and have built strong data sets from which to be able to set key benchmarks and give organizers confidence in ‘what’s good.”

Sophie Ahmed, VEI

Sophie Ahmed, co-founder and CEO of VEI, said: “As we move to a world where the future of events will be a blend of digital and physical experiences with community at the core, data and metrics will be more critical than ever. This is why I am delighted to partner with Tag Digital to create this essential report.

"VEI has always had a clear mission to work with events professionals across the globe to support digital transformation. Through our training, community, and insights such as this report, we aim to bring the events industry together to identify and share best practices.”

Register your interest in the report here.


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