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MootUp partners with BlueJeans Events

MootUp has announced a partner integration with BlueJeans by Verizon to reimagine virtual events with 3D, VR and AR immersive environments, avatars and AI chat-bots.

MootUp, through its proprietary 3D web platform, has taken BlueJeans Events into an entirely new virtual world of experiences with 3D spaces, 360 video, AI avatars, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Key features include:

● Attendees can virtually shake hands, hug, and high-five

● Playable on any device mobile, tablet, laptop, or Facebook Oculus Quest 2

● Frictionless audience reach, no apps required, any web browser grants access

The platform doesn’t require a VR headset, however, the experience is enhanced when using one.

Danny Stefanic, CEO of MootUp, said: "Event organizers are frustrated that they can’t get the engagement of live events in a virtual setting. Those that have taken a moment to look at this new way of running events, such as Fujitsu, Novartis, Juniper Networks, TEDx, United Nations, and many more, have all discovered the rewards that high audience engagement brings through increased enjoyment, leads, and sponsorship.”

This content is sponsored by MootUp.


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