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Four tips on delivering engaging online presentations

Delivering an engaging presentation at a digital or hybrid event isn’t easy. Jelmer van Ast, founder and CEO of Conference Compass, shares some wisdom.

Jelmer van Ast of Conference Compass

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Tip 1: Prepare your setup for a mindful and relaxed experience

This may sound like a no-brainer, but never underestimate the importance of this step.

First of all, make sure your Wifi connection is strong or you are on a wired network. Make sure distracting apps are closed, your notifications are off, and your phone is on silent.

Use a webcam on eye-level, and a good headset or in-ear headphones with microphone and preferably noise canceling.

Find a comfortable workspace and be sure it is a quiet place away from noise and distractions, and make sure you have a good light source shining at you from the front; not from the back.

Tip 2: Join the session rehearsal

A good event planner will organize at least one session rehearsal prior to the event. Do yourself and your co-speakers a favor, and join this rehearsal.

The moderator will help you get familiarised with the platform and will introduce the session format and run through the different elements.

Who will introduce you? Will there be time for Q&A and who will moderate that? Are you expected to join a panel discussion? When should you mute yourself, and when not? Having those practicalities out of the way will help you to relax and focus on delivering your talk.

Tip 3: Stimulate audience participation

It’s not easy to keep the attention of your audience, especially those attending online. So put in an effort to engage them to participate. Read the questions they post and address them in your talk.

Prepare at least one poll for every five minutes of your talk to get audience feedback and use that in the story you are telling. That makes your message stick and connects your audience to you and to each other.

Tip 4: Promote follow-up

Don’t let the final slide of your talk be the end of the engagement.

Say that you’re available for video meetings on the event platform to dive deeper into aspects of your talk. Use the chat to answer those questions that couldn’t be addressed live.

Realize that often your slides and recording of your presentation will be available on the platform for on-demand access.

Check your messages post-event and follow up with anyone interested to learn more.

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