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Digital disruption: Six career tips for event organizers

Six senior event leaders offer their top career tips for planners as they navigate their futures in the events industry.

Matthew Pycock

#1. Identify event companies that value their employees and have a ‘promote from within’ culture so you know you will be always learning and growing.

Matthew Pycock, Director, Global Talent Acquisition, Intrado Digital Media

#2. Event roles now require agility, energy, persistence, and a growth mindset. If you can demonstrate that you can flex your existing experience to new roles, you'll go far. Put your hand up, upskill, and cross-skill.

Catherine Dogra, Head of Digital Marketing, Informa Connect

#3. Everyone within an organization – from the top down – must continue to learn how things are changing so they can tie that into recruitment strategies. We need to be aware of how we are competing with other industries for talent, and the obstacles for recruiting, such as remuneration. Ensuring job satisfaction is maintained when upskilling and moving people into different disciplines will be crucial for retention.

Mike Frost, Co-founder and Global Recruitment Director, Expocast

Tracey Judge, Soundings

#4. There's an opportunity for event professionals to specialize now. Think about where your strengths are and where you want your career to go.

Tracey Judge, Founder and CEO, Soundings

#5. Think about the type of role you want, the roles available, and the skills required. Adaptability quotient is fundamental for any role in the events space.

Chris Mitchell, VP Operations, Intrado Digital Media

#6. There is a talent drain on the industry. Organizations must create opportunities for training and upskilling, and hire employees with different skill sets to broaden their reach. Management teams need coaching on how to manage hybrid teams effectively.

Janice Rogers, Corporate VP, Human Resources, Diversified Communications

These tips were shared during a recent VEI Summit, sponsored by Intrado Digital Media. The event is available to watch on-demand here: Future Event Roles and Skills: Talent,


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