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Case study: United Nations 75th anniversary celebration goes virtual with MootUp

The United Nations’ (UN) office in Valencia, Spain, marked the global organization’s 75th anniversary with a virtual event, powered by 3D virtual event platform MootUp. Here’s the full story…

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Key challenges and objectives

The UN’s organizing team had a number of key concerns and challenges about hosting a virtual event.

Firstly, the organization’s IT systems have strict firewalls, so for downloads, they would have to relax some of them, which would be a significant security breach. Considering the sensitive nature of the information held on their systems, this would be reckless and dangerous for any NGO or not-for-profit organization.

There were going to be attendees from all around the world at the event and the organizers at the UN were clear they wanted something that could create a warm, friendly atmosphere, engagement, and networking opportunities, and they did not want a 2D platform.

Given the nature of the audience, it was not guaranteed that all participants would have access to virtual reality equipment, such as headsets.

How the challenges were overcome

MootUp was chosen because the platform would help to solve the UN’s key event challenges. Vincent Thébault, Co-Founder and Managing Director of E-lixir Consulting, who worked on this project, said: “MootUp has many advantages. First of all, it has a complete CMS allowing you to build an entire world in a practical and easy way. The end product is very attractive, graphically speaking, and very complete – any origin can be represented in avatars.”

MootUp does not require a download or any installation, either. It is an entirely in-browser platform, which makes it security-friendly.

Also, the platform has been designed with engagement and networking in mind. For example, there is an opportunity to add gamification to your event. All participants can speak to each other, just as they would in a real-life situation. There is no need for endless typing of messages via chat.

Danny Stefanic, MootUp CEO, said: “This is a popular feature that many of our clients are pleased to have because it allows for relationship building and forming partnerships just as you would during an in-person event.”

MootUp also does not require any VR equipment for users to enjoy the full experience. It works with any OS and device, which means attendees can join the event using a mobile, laptop, or tablet.

Thébault added: “What worked well was the ‘setting’ of the world, getting the users onboard and have them stroll around the exhibition area. I used the auditorium and the gallery to help recreate a space that would look like their UN offices in Valencia and created an exhibition space with five booths to present the work of the different branches – UNICEF, United Nations for Women, etc. I think we managed to recreate a world that served its purpose and allowed people to have an experience that was close to a real one.”

There was high praise from the client, too, says Thébault: “They loved it. They were supposed to spend an hour in the hall before the live session but instead, they spent the day and asked if they could organize their Christmas party in the space.”

This virtual event for the UN took place in October 2020.


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