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7 benefits of planning events through one integrated platform

Planning events through one integrated platform can offer a host of benefits to your business ­– whether you’re looking to reduce costs, save time or make the process more efficient. Keep reading to discover how a seamless events platform could completely transform your events strategy.

This blog is written by Brad Langley, Vice-President, Channel and Enterprise, at Aventri.

1) Streamline the Planning Process

Planning both small and large-scale events requires an extensive checklist. There’s so much to think about and, for event planners, time is of the essence.

Arranging virtual, in-person, and hybrid events through one integrated platform can simplify complex tasks, managed from one collaborative location.

Integrated platforms tick every box, including:

❖ Customizable registration pages for easy sign-ups

❖ Simplified policy compliance to avoid mistakes

❖ Optimized planning for a faster process

❖ Auditing and company-wide transparency

2) Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Building brand awareness is essential for promoting loyalty, no matter what business you’re running. Whether you’re planning an internal company meeting or launching your latest product, exceptional events leave a lasting impression.

Using one integrated platform to plan your events makes consistency a priority. For many organizations that use multiple platforms or programs, events can relay a disparate brand image, missing out on crucial statements that align with marketing guidelines. If you’ve been finding it hard to convey a strong message with every event, an integrated platform could be the ideal solution.

By using one smart planning system, you can easily create consistent templates for various types of events. This will allow you to stay aligned with your brand guidelines, offer value, and maintain a consistent look and feel across your portfolio.

3) Get Insights on Attendees and Engagement

While the event itself is important, collecting data is essential. Organizations often pump thousands into planning and executing the perfect event but fail to measure their performance or take ROIs into account.

An integrated events platform allows you to get swept up in the excitement of hosting an event, all while keeping track of vital insights and engagement statistics. Want to know how many people showed up? Need to collect feedback for your next meeting? Event technology makes this possible, as well as doing all the key analysis for you.

4) Make Strategic Data-Driven Decisions

Once you’ve collected all your essential insights, you can use them to make smarter decisions about future investments. There’s no point hosting another event if it wasn’t a success, especially if you failed to achieve the ROI you were looking for.

An integrated events platform empowers event planners to take their collected data and make better decisions going forward. You can make instant tweaks to your planning process, improving the user experience or smoothing out the registration process.

Act based on accurate data instead of speculation. That’s what makes event planning through one simplified platform a resounding success.

5) Save Time and Money

Believe it or not, businesses that use event technology report saving roughly 200 hours per year. That’s a considerable amount of time that could be redistributed throughout your business, especially if you’re working with a more condensed team after the pandemic.

Equipping your events team with an all-in-one integrated platform could completely transform their workflow. Instead of chasing up virtual events software or spending days constructing a floor plan, they can manage everything quickly from one location.

Not only will the platform speed up individual tasks, but it will also make teamwork a lot easier. Every member of your events crew can view your planning platform, avoiding communication breakdowns or costly misunderstandings. By keeping everyone on the same page, you’ll save time and money, all while taking your events to the next level.

6) Integrate Your Marketing Tools and Processes

As a result of the pandemic, many marketing and events teams have been forced to downsize. This means that streamlined tools and processes are more in demand than ever – they’re not just a commodity, they’re a necessity. Using one integrated platform is the ideal solution, allowing you to pull in CRM and marketing automation data during every phase of your event.

Leveraging data in this way offers a stream of benefits, including the ability to create comprehensive attendee and customer profiles. This gives you a complete picture of your users’ journeys and enables you to tailor your future plans to their ever-changing demands. You can also integrate your events with a host of apps and services to offer a completely seamless experience.

7) Evolve and Pivot With Ease

In a post-pandemic world, event marketing teams have to juggle virtual, in-person, and hybrid events, so organizing them all through one platform can streamline the entire process. Things are changing all the time and being able to pivot is an essential part of establishing a successful event portfolio.

Integrated event platforms are the ideal solution. Since everything is centrally managed, you can make the necessary changes where and when you need to.

❖ Seamlessly switch between in-person, virtual, and hybrid formats

❖ Combine all three for guaranteed event marketing success

❖ Move with the times and be prepared for anything

The sea of events is changing, and businesses must move with the tide in order to succeed. With an integrated events platform on your side, evolving is easier than ever before.

So, those are 7 key benefits of planning events with one integrated online platform. In a constantly evolving world, it’s never been more important to be adaptable and streamlined when it comes to event planning. If you’re looking for an integrated platform to take your events to the next level, visit the Aventri website now to discover the ideal solution.


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