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Seven virtual work party ideas from MootUp

With many workforces fragmented by work-from-home policies, it has never been more important to connect with employees, encourage bonds between colleagues and build morale. Here are seven fun and engaging work party ideas from our sponsor, MootUp.

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MootUp is a 3D platform with a vast range of immersive virtual parties that can be created in just a few clicks and are accessible on any device.

#1: Virtual DJ Dance Party

Looking for an immersive DJ dance party experience? MootUp can create a virtual event with breakout rooms that can be customized to a range of activities, such as a DJ Dance Party. The platform has created a club-like template with personalized avatars. More than 1,000 scripted dance moves, gestures and animations are available for your guests’ avatars.

#2: Virtual Scavenger Hunt Event

MootUp has created a virtual scavenger hunt experience where ‘items’ can be added to a scenario to help create clickable actions, goals, missions and tasks that work like a scavenger hunt. As soon as you get your clue and click on an ‘item’ in the platform, you and your team will be given actionable options to further the hunt. There is also a leaderboard to boost the game-like experience and create a little friendly competition for your team.

#3: Virtual Escape Room Event

By utilizing gamification, it’s possible to create an escape room or any type of game scenario. You can have quests, rewards, clues, riddles and so on, which are great for collaboration, teamwork and team building. You can also create a bot to lead the game, which can be customized. There are lots of out-of-the-box templated spaces available, or one can be created bespoke.

#4: Virtual Cooking Event

For this experience, a chef can broadcast live into the platform, giving your team a more captivating cookery class where they can ask questions in real-time and interact with the group.

#5: Virtual Wine Tasting

With 360 degree video and views of beautiful vineyards, your party will be truly immersed in this wine tasting experience.

#6: Virtual Movie Screenings Event

Would you like to create a movie watch party? Transform one of the breakout spaces into a movie room. MootUp has a template that mimics a movie theater with a function for your guests to hold one-to-one conversations.

#7: Virtual Trivia Quiz

Interactive break-out rooms and live video will inject excitement into your virtual 3D video trivia game. The chat feature also allows for speedy trivia responses and helps everyone to be on the same page with responses happening in real-time.

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