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10 virtual audience engagement hacks

The way an audience thinks and behaves at online events differs greatly to those in-person and digital engagement is a persistent problem. Here are 10 ways to capture, excite and keep attendees hooked.

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1. Send a downloadable toolkit to registered attendees with social media graphics, banners and email signature templates so they can brag about their attendance at the event.

2. Go an extra mile by mailing physical swag bags to attendees, consisting of goodies and merchandise such as event attendance badges, t-shirts, mugs etc. If there are cost considerations, you may even limit this to early registrants only. Either way, include a note encouraging recipients to share a selfie with the items on social media, along with the official event hashtags.

3. Use the virtual event platform’s leaderboard functionality to encourage a friendly competitive spirit among attendees. With this, points are assigned for certain user actions. For example, when they view other attendee profiles, when they post on the event feed and when they respond to a poll. Attendees who earn the maximum points and grab the top three spots on the leaderboard can be given prizes (either digitally or physically).

4. Run contests parallel to your event to boost attendees' enthusiasm. These can include entry-submission contests, best response contests and multiple-choice quizzes.

5. Use the event technology platform’s breakout rooms to hold product demos, workshops, and training on industry-specific topics.

6. Add a jam session in the middle of the agenda, where a live DJ asks attendees to provide song suggestions in the chatbox and gives shout-outs when their song is played. Similarly, you can include a session in the agenda on mindfulness and meditation, by inviting qualified trainers for the same.

7. Create themed virtual networking lounges to allow like-minded individuals to connect and initiate fruitful discussions.

8. Integrate an online photo booth with your virtual event platform and give attendees a chance to capture branded and customized photos of themselves to share on social media.

9. Offer attendees virtual cards they can use to purchase coffee, lunches and happy hours from select vendors.

10. Content generated by users themselves is king. So, create and promote marketing collateral around the event like blogs, summarized videos, photo galleries and social media posts to keep attendees engaged even after the event is over.

Remember, the key is to select a virtual event platform that gives you maximum interactivity with your online real estate and supports your efforts in engaging attendees.

Author: Falguni Jain is a content marketer for Hubilo, a virtual and hybrid event platform with global clients that include the UN, Siemens, GITEX, NYU, AWS and Tech in Asia.

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