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2700 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75204, USA


Zenevent is a top-of-the-line virtual meeting platform that brings the energy and spirit of large events into the digital world and allows clients to create the all-virtual and hybrid events of the future. The platform was created to better scale virtual meetings in a way that would allow users to experience all of the multiple functions of large events through one portal with manageable access control. Zenevent goes beyond presentations and breakout rooms by allowing for exhibit booths, scientific abstracts, presentations, video on demand, and ePosters. Multiple data reporting and analytics allow clients to best determine their return on investment.

With Zenevent, clients have a platform that takes the guesswork out of virtual meeting planning and gives them the tools to educate, inspire, connect, and bring their events to life in the digital domain. Just about anything that can be done in the in-person environment, can be done on the Zenevent platform.

Ultimately, the objective of Zenevent is to give our clients peace of mind as well as creative options in this ever-changing and complex event industry landscape.

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+1 469 291 7379
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Virtual Event Platform, Hybrid Events
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