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Matchbox Virtual Media
Matchbox Virtual Media 1224 Drummond, Suite 5 Montreal, QC H3G 1V7, Canada

Matchbox Virtual Media

Let’s be honest: our first virtual conference was an experiment.

We found ourselves regularly speaking with a large group of geographically diverse people, many independently trying to solve the same problems. There was limitless potential for people to learn and build off each other, but there was no existing opportunity for this magic to happen. We decided to change that.

Our first virtual event was intentionally designed as a space where attendees weren’t just passively receiving information, but actively contributing to it. The goal was to capture collective knowledge, but the actual outcome was a tsunami of enthusiasm, positive feedback, and anticipation for the next event. This couldn’t go to waste!

Et voilà! Matchbox was born to intentionally foster this energy across industries.

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