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Virtual Event Tender Board

The VEI Virtual Event Marketplace is the first platform of its kind to connect event organizers directly with vendor partners capable of supporting their virtual or hybrid event project.

Rather than sending out multiple tenders, undertaking hours of research, and listening to multiple pitches, event organizers are connected directly with the suppliers able to meet their exact needs. The Virtual Event Marketplace will save event organizers hours of valuable time and ensure their communities have the very best event experiences.​


The VEI Virtual Event Marketplace is FREE for Organizers to use and post tenders.

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What is the VEI Virtual Event Marketplace?

  • Why should I take the VEI Certification training course?
    The virtual events industry is forecast at 404 Billion USD by 2027, at a CAGR of 23.2% from 2020 to 2027. As this industry evolves, that equates to a total of 100,000 new event professionals who will need to be reskilled for this virtual and hybrid events market. It is key now, more than ever before, to increase and develop your skillset within events to ensure you are fully trained to develop the new normal in events and to keep a competitive edge. The VEI Certification program is already achieving an NPS score of 69 and with delegates stating how much they are learning from each module. Each of our VEI modules provides an overview of the key parts of marketing, selling, delivering, and following up on a virtual event. So, equipping you and your team with the perfect skill set to deliver to and above your customer's expectations.
  • Who is the VEI Certification course aimed at?
    Our VEI Certification Training Program is aimed at anyone who organizes, plans, owns or is involved with any type of virtual event. So for event planners, event organizers, meeting planners, corporate event planners, B2B and B2C and includes sales, marketing content and operations professionals, globally. If you or your team are involved in working in marketing, selling, producing and delivering events then this program is for you.
  • How do I attend the VEI Certification course?
    The training program is in the style of on-demand learning. so that you can stop and start and learn at a time of your convenience. It is set-up on an e-learning platform and you will receive login details from the VEI team once you register and you can start learning straight away the same day that you register. There are self-paced exercises where you reflect on each section within each module, so that you can apply your learning to real-life scenarios, allowing you to use the learning immediately in a relevant context. Additionally you will get the chance to meet your experts on a live session and ask them questions about the modules. Each Subject Matter Expert is an expert in their fields, so you will benefit from learning from them in both an on-demand set-up and meeting them
  • How long does each module take to complete?
    Each module, including the exam, should take you between 60-90 minutes to complete.
  • Can I revisit the modules once I have completed them?
    Yes, you can go back in for 12 months to revisit any of the course material. Plus, once you complete your course you will receive an e-booklet which will include all of the downloadable support material, to ensure continuous learning.
  • What key things will I learn from attending the VEI Certification Course?
    Click here to download our detailed training brochure. From attending this course, you will learn how to market, sell, monetize, run, deliver, and follow-up virtual events. Here are the top 10 takeaways you will have from the course.
  • Do you have payment plans?
    We want to be as flexible as possible when it comes to payment, as we understand that the events industry is volatile right now. Please contact a member of the VEI team to discuss payment options, bespoke needs and group booking discounts at
  • Career Open Evenings
    We plan to announce career open evenings from December onwards. These will be open to all attendees, please enquire for more information on this
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