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Jeremy King

Jeremy King

Festival of Media and M&M Global

A hands on leader of a global events and publishing business for the advertising sector connecting engaged advertisers with the new media landscape.

This includes curating the company's vision and strategy; driving content and marketing; developing an inclusive working culture designed to develop all employees professionally and personally; developing and leading creative solutions; understanding worldwide trends and insights across advertising; maintaining and establishing relationships with key advertisers, tech companies, agencies and media owners around the globe.

An energetic host and presenter of Festival of Media events around the globe and speaker, or chair, at other key industry events worldwide.

“20 years ago virtual events were mocked and laughed out of the industry, so it’s great to see them forced back on the agenda. Now is their time to shine and to forge a legacy way beyond the current situation. It’s so much more than rules and governance it’s about human behaviour and virtual events in tandem with live experiences will be here to stay."



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