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Eric Ly

Eric Ly

Co-Founder, Entrepreneur

Eric Ly began his career at IBM (an American multinational technology and consulting corporation) where he worked on the development of software from NeXT, the technology that would eventually become Apple’s modern-day software platform. In 1993, he started working for Sun corporation as a software engineer where he was a part of the very first Java team.

In the capacity of a senior software engineer at General Magic, Ly designed and implemented early mobile applications. Beginning in 1995, Ly became an entrepreneur and co-founded several software companies in collaboration and mobile technologies.

But the most famous contribution in the world of business he made as a co-founder of LinkedIn, the company which connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. Eric Ly helped launch LinkedIn and also made a contribution to its strategic guidance at the executive level. With LinkedIn for four years, Ly helped the company to create a growing member base and reach its first business objectives.

Eric Ly is Founder of Hub, an events and community platform designed to bring trusted communities together. Ly is co-founder and CEO at KarmaCheck, a company taking a novel, technology-oriented approach to background checks.

"Virtual events is a new interaction format that will fuse with live events and communities to enable businesses to engage with customers in an exciting new way. We can’t wait to see the transformative value that will be delivered within a couple years.”



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