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Debbie McGrath

Debbie McGrath


Debbie McGrath founded in August, 1999. touches over 1.75 million HR professionals in meaningful, impactful ways giving them the tools, contacts, training and content to help them maximize their HR potential.​

Debbie has an extensive background in HR, publishing and the Internet. Previous to starting she owned The CEO Group, a Canadian and European entity that created job board software,talent management software, HTC Career Magazines and High Tech Career Fairs, which was sold to the Washington Post in 1998 and is now part of IBM/Kenexa.

Debbie has a degree in computer science and business administration, which she earned at the University of Guelph. She lives in, Ontario with her husband Doug and five kids and her best friend her mother in law. When she has spare time, she can be found sitting on the dock at the lake or swooshing down the slopes with her family.



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