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VEI Tech Showcase

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3 March

4 pm GMT | 11 am EST

Join CadmiumCD to see how the eventScribe Live events software platform is helping conferences and trade shows deliver virtual and hybrid experiences in 2021 and beyond. This exclusive webinar will cover the questions you need to ask to choose the right software, an overview of all the best new features on the market to manage your events and engage your audience, and how to deliver content to attendees while generating revenue using your events platform. You won't want to miss this tech showcase to learn how you can deliver exceptional experiences to your in-person, online, and cross-channel attendees all on one platform.


About CadmiumCD


Jacob Antrican

Sales Associate


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Established by the husband-wife team of Peter and Michelle Wyatt, CadmiumCD is located near Baltimore, Maryland, and has been working within the meetings industry since 2000. CadmiumCD continues to grow steadily by employing top talent with a focus on creating online services that save time and are easy to use for event planners and attendees.

Our services include conference proceedings, on-site audio recording, audio synchronization with presentation slides, abstract collection systems, speaker data collection, review tools, poster galleries, online itinerary planners, exhibitor management tools, and conference education apps.

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