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As virtual and hybrid events continue to offer new avenues to expand global reach, develop new revenue streams, grow online communities, and provide increased analytics, it is crucial that event professionals have the skills to capitalize on these new opportunities.


The VEI certification training program will enable event professionals to produce and deliver exceptional digital event experiences.


The training is on-demand providing a learning experience tailored to your needs, at your own pace, and with 17 leading global subject matter experts you will benefit from a diverse range of specialist knowledge across all aspects of virtual and hybrid events.

VEI Learning Program Modules

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Upskill in the core disciplines of virtual and hybrid events. Our new learning pathways deliver key skills by role and function, in a flexible, on-demand format.




Build a powerful sales skill set, and maximise your digital event revenue. Discover how to monetize virtual events and master sales for digital events.



Learn step by step how to execute perfect digital experiences for attendees & sponsors. Find out how to choose the right tech, increase engagement & implement the key planning skills required



Discover how to create content to maximise uptake & engagement for virtual & hybrid events. Plus, find out how to create communities for serious event growth.

Learn the critical skills needed to promote digital events, grow audiences, utilize new data opportunities and build powerful event communities. 


Pricing & Packages

The full certification package will include full access to all of the 11 modules, each module will be approximately 1-2 hours of content, with downloadable self-paced exercises and an exam at the end.  

The certification course is an on-demand style package, meaning you will be able to learn at a time of your convenience, at your own pace and you will be able to revisit the modules at any point to access key information for your day-to-day role. 

The course will soon have closed-captioning available in Chinese (Simplified), French, Portuguese and Spanish, please let us know if you'd like to take the course in another language.