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Harlan Davis

VP of Product and Innovation

GDS Group

Harlan Davis

Harlan Davis is digital native executive with a 15-year track record of building B2B and B2C user experiences across multiple channels and mediums, directing both client side and with technology providers.

Harlan has experience in designing, delivering and implementing digital UX, connecting the digital and sales sides of businesses to deliver end user value aligning with defined business goals.

His work on the agency side as a director and co-owner has been with companies such as David Lloyd, Apple, and Life Technologies, creating mobile first user journeys for key stakeholders to increase engagement, productivity and sales revenue.

His last six years were spent with a technology start-up, serving the hospitality and sporting clubs sector in guest and fan experience through the development and deployment eCommerce and BI tools and applications.

During his tenure at GDS Group, Harlan has led digital and product initiatives across the business. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, he pivoted the business’s traditional event model first from physical to digital, and then from digital to virtual in the matter of a few months, creating an industry leading experience for over 1,000 solution providers and 2,500 executives globally.

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